New Purse Love

OK. I have made two purses in the last year for myself, and one doesn’t stay on my shoulder (due to the strap being too thick) and has dumped out several times (from lack of proper closure), and the other keeps ripping at the seams (from the sheer weight of what I carry).

*In steps*Pinterest.

This site (while a potential time-suck) has proven useful in finding beautiful crafts and sewing projects for me. Where else would I find my dream purse that was made somewhere in Europe on a blog that is not in English?

My inspiration came from a blog called Lila-Lotta. The purse she made looks like it was made for ME!

So I decided to give it a whirl and come up with my own version of this bag.




I made a few changes to it. The first is, some magnetic snaps inside to prevent any dumping incidents since I tend to toss my bag around, a lot. *Aside~ Why haven’t I tried magnetic snaps sooner??? SO very easy and quick and painless. Everything I look for in a closure.


I also made it quite large because I haul around my whole life in it. The bottle of Benadryl and Epi-pen alone must weigh a good 5 pounds.


I loved her color scheme, so I did try to use some of the same ones. My girls helped me pick out the tree fabric. I had everything else in my stash. Yay!


Then my husband and I had a little fun with the camera.


I’m looking away. I’m looking away.


Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I call this my “Hellboy” face. I really have no idea, sometimes, what I am thinking.


OK, just one more… bagcheeksm

That was fun.


After the photo shoot, I decided to shorten the straps, by overlapping the fabric on the ends and sewing them down. I don’t like adjustable straps, and I thought it would be good to have a longer strap, but I found it was just too long for me and my short~ness.


The one thing I would do differently, if I did it again, is I would use thicker/ heavier fabric. Hers looks like it might be suiting or wool of some kind, and is probably sturdier.

I really like this one, though. I hope it lasts!


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9 thoughts on “New Purse Love

    1. LOL Thanks, Sheila! I know now why boutique prices are so high.
      Between the fabric and the hardware, the interfacing and the patch, plus time,
      it would be like making a table for someone. Soooo pricey.
      Not to say I wouldn’t though:)

  1. It’s lovely Michelle. Thanks for leaving the link with me. I’ve never tried magnetic closures either but, great idea, I will definitely consider using them in my new bag. 🙂

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