Brave Golden Globe Nomination

The Golden Globes are coming up, and I noticed that Brave was nominated for Best Animated Film. When this film had it’s premiere, I was lucky enough to go with my friend and both our older daughters. I really found it to be quite beautiful to look at!

Since my husband is part Scottish, and we do have a soft spot for redheads {you know cause we have one}, I felt like it would be fun to do something related to this film. So The Bee and I had a long-overdue photo shoot with her Bow that we gave her this past Christmas. She has been pursuing archery and shooting at the range every week for about 6 months now. She is really good! I love that strong Scottish girl. Hmmmm just like another in a film.

Brace yourselves.










We had a blast. It took very little asking on my part for her to get out there in costume and fire a few arrows into the sunset.

I also made a little craft {remember these?}.

Brave Stick Puppets!


PicMonkey Collagebravem


flip the Queen over, and you get….


stickbravem I ran out of sticks before I could do any more characters, but they were really easy and fun to do.

There will be more!

Do you watch the award shows? Who are you routing for?


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