Making Melted Crayon Glass Ornaments

Please bear with me as I jump back and forth between Birthday preparations and Christmas. Because that is how our lives go in December. Back and forth. Back and forth.

I am sharing two different methods of making ornament balls that are super easy and beautiful too! Today I will show you:

This first one is a melted crayon project.

*adult supervision/only project because them balls heat up!

First, gather…

*Use only glass ornaments for this project. Plastic ones may melt.

Also, make sure you have plenty of coverage on your work surface and/or floor. This is potentially messy because you will be working with melting wax. That stuff seems to get everywhere!

With that said, grab your ball.

  • Remove that silver top thing and place somewhere it won’t blow away {speaking from experience}.
  • Take just a few broken, small pieces of crayon of any color you want (I let Falafel do this part, and she was thrilled), and place inside the ball.
  • Hold over safe surface and heat with hair dryer. *again, CAREFUL! It gets HOT.
  • Move around and swirl until you are satisfied with the results. I melted the crayons and slid them out the top hole by holding it upside down. Have someone catch them before they blow all over your counter and floor {uh, again… experience}.
  • After melted wax is dried, replace the silver top thingy.


Optional: Take waaaaaay too many photos of your beautiful balls.

The Blue and the Red were done heavily and therefore pretty opaque.

We went lighter on the lighter colors and didn’t cover every inch of the space, yet I think they turned out very nicely too. Maybe even better.

What do you think?

There is a great step-by-step tutorial over here if you have any questions.

Come back tomorrow to learn another way of decorating glass ornaments!


19 thoughts on “Making Melted Crayon Glass Ornaments

  1. My son saw these and can’t wait to make them for Christmas gifts!!!! He even said mommy we can save a lot of money making these too!!! A boy after my own heart!!

  2. I used an old sheet to cover the carpet and sat on the floor. I used the hairdryer to blow the ornament around on the sheet between my legs. I didn’t have to handle the hot ornament. I loved the way they turned out. This way children can also make them without concerns of being burned, or breaking the glass.

  3. Do you have any problems with the wax chipping after a while? How does it withstand cold? did you have to seal it in any way? Evidently there is a plastic coating on some glass ornaments that will melt and peel off. Is there a certain brand you used.

    1. Hi Cheryl- Since ours was inside the glass, I haven’t noticed any chipping. Our house doesn’t get extremely cold, though.
      I just used glass ornaments from Michael’s craft store. I probably wouldn’t leave them outside.
      Good questions!

  4. I did these last year. They are beautiful when done and everyone that received one as a gift lived them. One thing I did to help with the hot glass is that I held the ornament with a kitchen mit. It saved my fingers and gave me the ability to manipulate the wax inside more easily.

    1. Hi Lori! I hope you didn’t get hurt. That didn’t happen when I did mine. Not sure why that happened to yours!
      Did you make sure to do it on a towel? Did you use small pieces? The hairdryer you used may have been too hot.
      Mine is an older one with two settings. You can use a lower one and see if that helps.

    1. Hi Deb! I just replied on FB to you (but sometimes those things get lost). I think the plastic may melt since you need to heat up the wax quite a bit to melt it. I am not sure the plastic they use to make those ornaments are thick enough.
      I hope this helps. Thanks for reading my post!

  5. These look beautiful. I’m going to try them out! If you have old thin cotton gloves you can wear them and still have dexterity. I use them with any hot glue projects as well and they save a lot of burns.

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