Making Hairy Feet: A Tutorial

I have come up with a tutorial for you, so that we can all have a pair of Hairy Feet. *insert evil laugh*

I suppose we shall start at the very beginning…


*not pictured, but still needed ~ 1 pair of adult sized socks, scissors, sewing machine (or needle and thread if you are so inclined), straight pins.

Print out this and this pattern and cut 2 of each out. You want two different feet from one pattern piece, so fold your fabric in half {right sides together} and then cut. My pattern makes *loosely* a child sized 12.5 slipper {it should fit a little big so you can stuff}. Feel free to adjust to fit your needs.

Pin pattern pieces to the appropriate fabric, then cut out.

You should have this:

Sew up the back slit on the top pieces.

Open up and flip over. This is where you would try it on your child’s foot. Trim circle opening if needed.

Now line up the tops and bottoms {bumpy side up- right sides together} and sew.

You should have this:

Turn right sides out and put aside.

Grab your socks.

Cut the top parts off.

Here comes the slightly tricky part.

Keep the slipper part that you assembled right sides out. Turn the tube of the sock, rights sides in. Place the slipper inside the sock tube.

Sew around the perimeter of the tube and the hole.

Turn right sides out and you should have something that resembles this:

Onto the toenails!

Cut out 10 toenail shapes {kind of like little half circles}. I used the self adhesive backed craft felt, but you could also just hot glue regular craft felt.

Press those onto your piggies toes.

Lastly, grab a handful of that pubic {oh you were thinking that too- admit it} doll hair, cut up a random bunch, then start hot gluing it on to the top of the foot like mad. When dry, trim any straggly ones.

I drew lines in between the toes with a black sharpie, but you can leave them plain, or even embroider lines if you would like.

You can also lightly stuff with polyfil if you choose.

Slip them onto your favorite Hobbit wannabe and party like you live under the hill!

*Please let me know if you try this pattern {as it is my very first attempt at making a pattern for the masses in PDF form!}


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