Newborn Baby Pants

I made a handful of tiny newborn pants this week for my dear friend’s fourth baby.

Since she is due in March, it will be cold here still. So I just thought of those tiny little legs and wanted to cover them up.

These are my favorites! Garlic chips. Heh.

Over at Made by Rae, she has a fantastic FREE Basic Newborn Pants Pattern. Since I have made just about a gazillion pairs of pants in my day, I just really needed the sizing for Newborn. It has been many a year since my babies were that small!


This was such a fast and easy project. I know that her new baby boy will only fit into them for maybe a week (isn’t that how long babies wear the NB size??), but what a happy, warm week that will be.

Super soft Flannel!

Do you know any new babies? Will you sew for them?


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