Easy Cloak Tutorial

I came up with a quick little cloak tutorial for you!

You can make this as complicated or as simple as you would like. I made my daughter’s Little Red Riding Hood cloak from a suede-blend (super soft, but sturdy material) and then lined it in cotton.

You can use fabric that doesn’t require a hem or lining such as fleece, flannel, or even felt.

First, decide how long you would like the cloak to be. You should have a large rectangle folded over for the cloak, and then a smaller one for the hood.

I just freehand shapes that I would like the hood and the cloak itself to be. If you are going for more of an elvish look, you can make the hood pointier. My daughter wanted a baggy oversized hood, so I made sure the neck part (bottom) was extra large.

After sewing around the edge of the hood, and cut the hole in the cape, sew them together by lining up the bottom of the hood with the neck hole of the cape (right sides together). If you chose fleece, add a closure of your choice, and you are done!

If you need a lining, just repeat the above steps for the lining. Once you have an identical cape, place them right sides together and sew around the perimeter of them, leaving the bottom open for turning.

Turn right sides out.

I then topstitched around the entire cape (except the open bottom) which is optional, but does help keep everything together. Add a closure, and you are done!

I hope this was helpful!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Happy Sewing!

4 thoughts on “Easy Cloak Tutorial

  1. Hello! First, I just want to say thank you for these instructions. These have made my life so much easier! But I was wondering what guidelines you suggest for taking measurements for the body part of the cloak?

    Thank you,
    Tori Greene

  2. I wanted to know if this same tutorial can be helpful to make a King’s cloak? And about how much yards of velvet would I need? Is 1 yard too small?

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