An Archer Among Us

This past weekend, we went to the opening ceremony for the new Archery Range where we live.

Heh. It says “Super Butts”.

It was incredibly crowded. As you can imagine, with all of the archery-themed movies out there, kids (and parents) are very interested.

And there was cake.

The Bee got to shoot in a competition…and won!

It was a fun day and we are super excited to have a range really close to us.

Super excited.

3 Thoughts on “An Archer Among Us

  1. LOVE that photo of The Bee and Felafel, so cute! :) Great that you have a range close to you now too!

  2. Wait! Where is the archery range??? The only one I knew of is in Tacoma and that is too far for me…do share-please!

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