Poodle Skirt Fun

So there is someone around here about to turn 40, and this someone loves themed parties.

Hmmmm Who could it be?

While you are guessing, I will show you what I made for Falafel (who incidentally is not turning 40, yet)

This was a very quick way to give my girl an excuse to twirl.

And run.

And levitate. (?)

Not that she really needs an excuse to do any of those things. I don’t think the child ever walks. Ever.

This was made with some cotton fabric I had, along with extra wide elastic and a cute little poodle patch that we found at Joanns.

Since it is just for one day (and probably a few play dress-up days) I didn’t even finish the hem. How’s that for lazy sewing?

I also didn’t measure (which I probably should have). Dana of MADE has a great tutorial along with equations she uses.

I wasn’t feeling mathy.

It happens.

So I threw this one together. It’s not perfect. But it will work.

She is wearing a full slip/crinoline that my sister and I used to wear (we’re talkin’ 1980’s here!) to give it some fullness.

It makes us both happy to bring a little of the past into the future!


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5 thoughts on “Poodle Skirt Fun

  1. Beautiful pic! Julia looks amazing and the skirt is awesome!You are soooo talented Mich….Great job as always!!!!!xoxox

  2. Oh my heck. This is just too cute. These pictures look fantastic! I remember going on a daddy daughter date with my dad for school or something and the theme was the 50’s and I had to wear a poodle skirt. I felt like the coolest girl in the world. Haha Can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve for this lovely blog!

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