One Happy Fourth

4 Family members

  plus 1 parade

plus 179 photos (edited to 69YIKES!)

{You have been warned}.

plus about 50 various horses

plus 2 large birds

plus a multitude of proud servicemen and women

plus an entire island of people to celebrate

plus 1 salmon

plus one not-so-wicked witch

and her enchanted tree

plus 1 clam

plus some giant walking toast

plus a few people throwing pins

and rings

and themselves

plus unlimited sunshine

and 1 sunburn {owie}

plus 2 racks of ribs, 4 ears of corn, and a whole bunch of marshmallows

equals 1 Happy Fourth!

Whoops- I forgot one thousand apologies for such a bombardment of photos.

I hope you all had a fun fourth too!

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