Table Stain

Remember the other day when I showed you our picnic table?

Well, I found a stain and clear coat that both work well. They weren’t my first choice, since they are both low VOC instead of NO VOC, but better than most of those toxic products out there.

My first choice was a NO VOC stain and varnish in one, but unfortunately NO ONE carries it!! So we went with Benjamin Moore Arborcoat (Transparent Teak #637).

This is turning into more of a review, unintentionally. What we expose our girls to (and ourselves) is so very important to us, so we take these kinds of decisions seriously. After putting all the work into making a piece of furniture that will get a lot of use, I want to protect it as best I can from the wet damp weather here, without having an adverse effect on our environment or our health.

With that said, I also wanted to be able to actually use the table this season (which is so short) without waiting weeks for Tung oil to dry.

So here we are. It is done! If you are looking for easy picnic table plans, I highly recommend checking out Ana White’s (no relation) Blog!

I am starting on the benches this week (weather permitting). Yay!

What do you use to stain outdoor furniture?


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7 thoughts on “Table Stain

    1. I can’t believe I didn’t include that in this post!
      Benjamin Moore Arborcoat Transparent Teak #637
      I am revising now. Thanks:)

      1. Thanks a million! The table looks gorgeous. I actually saw the same table on etsy and commissioned it, not realizing that it was Ana White’s design.

        Since it’s been several years by now, how did the finish/table hold up in the elements? Have you needed to recoat/refinish?

        1. It held up great! The only thing I would have done differently is stain between the cracks (either before it was assembled, or used a thin brush). Other than that, it has really held up well.
          We do take it into the garage after the Summer season, because we live in WA state where it rains pretty much non-stop until the next Summer.

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