Natural Egg Dye

{said in best announcer voice}

*I interrupt the Vacation posting to share our Egg Dying experience*

We finally dyed our eggs!

Like last year, we used all natural dyes that we made ourselves from actual food.

Like this.

This year, though, we added a few.

Like this.

We used the recipes found here. Very easy.

I have to say, I think the cabbage is still our favorite.

They look fabulous in a basket.

Or a bowl.

Or any way you choose.

Remember the salt dough ornaments? I just tied one on the basket to dress it up.

What a lovely gift that would make. We plan to put it out as a centerpiece…and then eat the eggs.

How do you dye your eggs??


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11 thoughts on “Natural Egg Dye

  1. Those are awesome! I’m drawn to the blue, but the yellow turned out so perfectly, I’d make a huge basket of just yellow! I hope that you had a great Easter weekend!


  2. These are fabulous! And what a great way to dye eggs too. I’ve yet to use natural sources of food coloring, but I’d really like to give it a try.

    Thanks so much for joining us in the Leap Into Spring Photo Challenge! We’re moving on to blossoms/trees on Friday. Can’t wait to see what you came up with! Have a great day!

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