Wizard Wand Tutorial

You may have seen this the first time around, but I thought it was totally appropriate for this upcoming holiday to re-post it!

Please let me know of you try it.



Wizard Wand Making Tutorial:

Construction paper

Tape (all I had was blue painter’s tape, but any will do)

Hot glue

Tissue paper (or paper towels/napkins/toiletpaper)


Acrylic clear matte varnish (optional)

So easy to make these and they are so adorable magical.

Originally, I found the tutorial over at dadscando.com, but haven’t referenced it in quite a few years. These have become second nature when we need a quick wand (and who doesn’t?)!

If you’d like to get some inspiration, check out their project page. These are awesome.

On to assembly.

Roll a piece of construction paper tightly into wand shape, and tape.

Paper and Glue wand tutorial

Paper and Glue wand tutorial

Next, stuff torn up pieces of tissue paper (or paper towels or napkins) into your tube so that it is packed tightly and feels solid. Careful not to shove too much in at once. Construction paper can tear!

Paper and Glue wand tutorial

Now, take your glue gun and fill in the top and bottom of the wand.

Paper and Glue wand tutorial

That looks so cool.

Then (once that has dried a bit) continue down the wand making a design with your glue.

Paper and Glue wand tutorial

{No, the wands aren’t magically changing colors (although that would be amazing). We did two.}

Paper and Glue wand tutorial

After all that hot glue dries, coat entire wand with white acrylic paint. I started painting with brown, but then realized it would be better to prime it first, so it looks a bit mixed.

Paper and Glue wand tutorial

Once that dries, get creative. Paint as outrageously as you want! We coated ours afterward with some acrylic matte varnish to seal it for durability, but this is optional. The paint holds up pretty well on its own.

Paper and Glue wand tutorial

And then, start playing!

Paper and Glue wand tutorial

Is that the hand of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named? Totally white enough. Maybe these wands can make the sun come out in the Pacific Northwest!

Paper and Glue wand tutorial

Paper and Glue wand tutorial

Or not. But it still looks fantastic!

Paper and Glue wand tutorial

If you decide to try this tutorial, please let me know!

I showed you my wand… I’d love to see yours! heh.



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