Sticks and Stones

I have always wanted to work with wood. Ever since taking Shop in High School, believe it or not, I have loved wood working. Not that I ever did it after that time.

Things are about to change.

I have taken on a project with that spirit. I am making something I have always wanted. It is time to cross some things off my life list (or create one in the first place). Some people jump out of planes, others travel. I want to work with wood.


Stay tuned to see what I make with some power tools…

I hope.

On another note:

I tackled a smaller project out of stones and finished it.

Alphabet Rocks!

I think these would make a fabulous gift!

I love the bright colors and they feel so smooth.

I can’t stop arranging them.

So I put them in a snazzy little bag.

Oh. There they are again!

I just saw these selling on Etsy here for $50.00!

This was beyond easy and I did it all in one day (including collecting the stones at the beach).

The bag I made today from a thrifted dish towel.

So there you have it. It feels good to accomplish something in a day, but I know this woodworking project, even though it will take much longer, will be extremely satisfying for years to come.

What have YOU taken on lately?


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One thought on “Sticks and Stones

  1. Hehe, cute idea! I think I’d be playing with them all day too 😛

    Can’t wait to see what this woodworking project is..!

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