Messenger Bag Tutorial in Miniature

I received a request for a Messenger Bag tutorial. Yay! I love requests!

I wanted to do this today but discovered I had only small pieces of interfacing left. So I came up with a miniature tutorial! I had just enough for a tiny bag (plus I had a few scraps of that super cute Valentine fabric left too).

Because it is a miniature tutorial I will not give any measurements. This bag is so flexible, really any size will work!

Here it goes:

::Messenger Bag Tutorial::

You will need~

2 squares of outer fabric

2 squares the same size of lining fabric

2 squares the same size of interfacing (for the lining)

1 square slightly smaller in width than the above, of outer fabric (this will be for the flap)

1 square slightly smaller in width of lining (this will be for the flap)

1 square of interfacing (the same size for the flap)

1 longer strip of outer fabric for handle

1 longer strip of interfacing for the handle


OK I hope that all made sense.

I drew a pic to show you what I mean

First, iron on all of your interfacing to the back side of appropriate pieces.

Fold long strip lengthwise for the handle and sew down on either side.

Put aside.

Now sew the Flap. Place right sides together and sew around three sides.

Turn it right sides out and top stitch around the perimeter.

Put aside.

Sew the two outer fabric pieces together on three sides (with right sides facing each other)

Then I chose to box the corners. This is optional.

This is how it looks on the bottom when it is turned right side out after I clipped the triangle corners off.

Put that aside.

Now sew 3 sides of the lining (right sides together) and box the corners.

Once that is sewn, keep it inside out (right sides together) and place outside of the Outer fabric.

Next pin the flap (with raw edge up) right sides together to the outer fabric which is inside the bag. Tuck flap down inside.

Then pin the handle onto the outer fabric (which is still inside the lining). Make sure to tuck the loop of the handle way down so you don’t catch it in the seam (not shown in picture).

Starting in the middle of the front of the bag, which is opposite the side with the flap, (leave a couple inch space for turning), sew around the perimeter making sure to pull out the pins as you go (don’t sew over them).

Pull the bag through the hole. Push the lining inside. Top stitch around edge (closing up the hole) and you are done!

If you have ever made a tote bag, this is essentially the same thing. Only instead of just the handle(s) getting pinned to the inside, you pin the flap as well.

I hope the tutorial didn’t make it look too difficult. It is really not at all. But when you start listing the actual steps to do anything, it always makes it seem much harder.

Leave a comment with any questions you may have….

and Happy Sewing!


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17 thoughts on “Messenger Bag Tutorial in Miniature

  1. Great tutorial! I really appreciate your adding the images of the color coded pieces of fabric needed~ VERY helpful for a visual thinker like me. I’m just about ready to try one of these : )

  2. Oh, these are so cute! i wish you would give us some general measurements to either make that adorable teeny tiny bag (looks like my toddler would love it) or what size works best for bigger folks. 🙂

    1. I started with 5 inch squares (for the lining and outer). The flap is about 4x 4 1/2.
      It is so cute and teeny! I am giving it to my 2 year old niece.
      I did make some larger ones for my older children and they measure 11x 11 for the body and the flap is 9x 9.
      Any size would totally work. I just usually go with the size remnants I have:)
      Thanks for stopping by!! I hope that helps.

  3. What a cute little bag! Could you possibly provide more instruction/pictures as to how to box the corners? (Total newbie here) 😉

    1. Thanks Hayley! It has been so long since I had done that tutorial.
      You pinch the ends so they form a triangle and sew it down (it will be the opposite way from the seam you sewed). Maybe I will do another tute in the future!
      Thanks for stopping by. I hope that helped a little.

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