If You are Married to Me, Read No Further

Do you think he will listen?

Well, I’ve tried a whole two days to keep these under wraps, but I just had to share them with you all (even if I can’t give them to him just yet).

Here is the long-awaited birthday gift for my husband….


He made a comment after the very first pair I made him. Something about wanting all of his drawers custom made. One year later, and I’d say he’s there! Slowly, pair by pair for every holiday, they have added up to quite the nice collection.

Here are the latest for the world to see:

Fabulous. My favorite fabric is the Japanese waves with the gold lines. The girls think the bowling undies are hilarious. I also think being able to say you have the whole universe on your shorts is pretty funny.

If any of you are interested in making the most comfortable custom boxer shorts, Threadbanger has a tutorial for how to make them and how to make the pattern!

I hope I can keep them a secret from him…for just a bit longer!


What is on your drawers?


I’m linking to:

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