Sol Duc-ee day

I got a wild hair last night and decided to gather our supplies and head into the wilderness for the day, today.

You see, about 13 years ago (when we moved out to Washington), we met this couple and they asked us to go camping with them. Normally we have to know people for a while before we take off into the woods with them. But we were young and adventurous. They took us to the Hoh rainforest. We camped for a night, and the next morning went to a place called Sol Duc Falls. Wow. I thought this was the most beautiful place I have ever seen. And it was.

Here we are 13 years later. We have two kids, and are less trusting of strangers who want to take us 4 hours into the woods *blinks eyes*, but still remember what that beautiful place had to offer.

So we packed everyone up and headed into the wilds to see if the memory was still true.

It was the closest I will ever be to feeling like a Hobbit. Parts were like something out of a book. The Falls are every bit as magical as I remember, and even a bit more now seeing them through the eyes of our children. The trees seemed taller, and the rocks better to climb. The sounds were incredible as well. The roaring din of the water was enough to clear out one’s head. We found a secret picnic place *shhhhhhh* down by the water. We pulled up a few boulders and nourished our bodies while enjoying the crispness of the air and the symphony of the falls. I so wish I could take each and every one of you there.

But I can’t. So here’s the next best thing.

Without further ado, here are the images from our travels into Middle Earth.

Not really.

Close enough.

::Be warned: There are lots and lots of pictures. Get up stretch your legs. Use the restroom. This will take a while!::

On the way home, we passed Crescent Lake which is just the most breathtaking lake ever. It is actually turquoise in color because of the lack of nitrogen. The lake was formed by glaciers during the last ice age (See that? You can learn things from this blog too~ don’t worry, I won’t make it a trend).

These are a few pics I took while driving~Um, I mean pulled over safely by the side of the road.

We are all thoroughly exhausted, but filled with the sights and sounds of a grand adventure.


What magic did you have this weekend?


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8 thoughts on “Sol Duc-ee day

  1. Congrats! You won a feature by guessing where we went! Mt. St. Helens! 😀 I think you put the Olympic Mountain Range- and that was close enough for me 😉

    So It seems we both had the same kind of magical weekend. It was so gorgeous around the park we visited. I got some good pix, but now where NEAR as awesome as the pix you took! They are amazing! LOVE them! You are so talented. I’m taking a photography class right now and I hope I can take as good of pictures as you in the near future! 🙂

    So I hope I see you Tuesday for my photo challenge!

    Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog and leave a lovely comment! You rock!


  2. Incredible! Just beautiful… what an amazing place! My weekend consisted of reorganizing my kids’ room and the pantry. Not very magical, but necessary. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures. =)

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