Happy 21st Birthday Kingston Farmer’s Market

The day was lovely, and the turn out was great! We have been lucky enough to be an active part of this Market for 8 years now. Our 10 year old was 2. Oh goodness, time does seem to fly. After all these years, the Market has grown, and multiplied in numbers and product. There is so much diversity every Saturday. From textile crafts, to wood. From Fruits and veggies to Bagels *wink*.

This Market is abundant.

From the amount of people that showed up today to celebrate, it is clear that the people of Kingston love their Farmer’s Market.

Happy Birthday!

4 thoughts on “Happy 21st Birthday Kingston Farmer’s Market

  1. I love the photos, especially the ones with mixed textures as well as colors. So bright and fun.

    Although I do have to say that the bagel/bakery one immediately made my mouth water…yum!

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