1920’s Birthday Bubble Bash that Transcended Time and Ended up in the Future

How’s that for a title??

I am not exaggerating (like I ever would do that in a million years)!

It was fabulous. My lovely friends indulged my eccentric side and all came in costume to celebrate my 38th Birthday.

I found a tutorial for making super large bubbles here at Childhood Magic. It was totally Magic for the Adults, too. My dear husband also made more traditional wands by bending coat hangers and attaching them to sticks. There was fun for all.

It was almost like having two parties. Or a Time Machine. No, two parties. One 1920’s Costume shindig and then another with Bubbles! Because of the dual personality this party has taken, I will split the post into half Sepia old timey pictures and Half all-the-color-of-the-rainbow pictures. Yes. Fabulous.

Now, let’s travel back in time….

Now let’s blast together into the future where bubbles are the size of small adults.

I was expecting Glinda the Good Witch of the North to step out of one of these big bubbles. She didn’t. She would have had fun if she did.

It was a spectacular day. How could it not? You know, transcending time and all.


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  1. WOW-AMAZING!I LOVE THE BUBBLES!!!!!!!!!!!I wish I could have been there- Happy Birthday!!!!- It looked like a great time with amazing friends!- Love you- Dee

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