The Fourth and Twenty Backbirds

Falafel and I marched in the Bainbridge Island Parade today with The Blackbird Bakery…and had a Blast! My husband and The Bee thought it might be more fun to watch and catch treats. I think equal merriment was had by both parties!

They had drummers, flag wavers, wagon pullers, and a magnificent parachute pie complete with blackbirds. Fantastic!

Falafel was an adorable little blackbird if I do say so myself thankyouverymuch.

The costume consisted of handmade simple felt wings that I whipped up for her yesterday, and a paper blackbird head that was fastened to a baseball cap (made by someone at the Bakery). Brilliant!

I am so glad we could support them this way. Besides being excellent Bakers, the owners are such good friends of ours. I loved spending today with people I like.

We hope your fourth was a safe one filled with fun and friends and fantastic~ness!