Birthday Boxer Bones

Well, that fabric didn’t last long. I made it into a Birthday present for my husband. He celebrates his 40th Birthday tomorrow, and I thought he needed some new, really cool, handmade underwear. Doesn’t everyone?


This was the first time I have ever sewn underwear before, and the first time I have ever used a pattern! I usually sew from tutorials, or just wing it (~most of the time). This was a pattern that I made from measurements I took from his existing boxers.
I am always amazed when anyone can make anything from a pattern. It is like a puzzle with really confusing directions. This was not as bad, and I found a site to walk me through it step by step.

ThreadBanger has a video and a picture tutorial to follow, once you have cut out the pieces of the pattern.

Not bad for a first try.

Now that you have all seen his underwear, I hope he still wants to wear them!

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