Painting Day

A few days ago, I was driving in our neighborhood and I found this beauty sitting out with a FREE sign on it. So, I jump out of the car (I think I stopped it), and checked it out. I did the Wobble test and the Sniff test and also looked under, over, and on the side. It checked out. Aside from being very dirty, it was beautiful…or the potential was beautiful.

I threw it in our minivan (Oh how I LOVE that car), and came home with my new treasure.



Today was
spent painting it. It took some left over paint and a whole lot of patience (from both myself and my 3 year old). I set her up with her own painting area, and we both got to work.


Now she has a brand new table to share happy little picnics with her sister and friends.



We celebrated with a big bowl of popcorn.

It was a good find!