Photo fun with my teen and her wedding gown


A week ago we went to our town’s annual Rotary Auction. While there, my teen spotted this wedding gown in the kid’s dress-up section, with a label attached saying it was from 1945. Well, she offered the lady .50 cents  for it (since it was the end of the day), and we took it home with us. When I asked her what possessed her to buy a vintage, yellowed, wedding gown, she said it looked like a princess dress and knew that we would have one heck of a photo session with it.

That girl knows me so well.








I know that won’t be the last thing she does with that dress. She has been talking about taking the sleeves off, since they are super tight on her (she can’t even lift her arms up).

What about you? What have you bought purely for the fun of it?

Garden Update

We picked our first ripe tomato yesterday!




Nothing else to pick right now, but it is looking pretty wonderful! Amazing what a few weeks will do. Check out how it looked in June.

How does YOUR garden grow?

Grand Old Fourth Parade recap

Brace yourself for my annual 4th of July photo bombardment (2012 and 2014 part 1 and part 2).


































It was definitely one of the hottest years and it seemed like there weren’t as many people marching as there were last year. It still is one of my favorite traditions, even though I considered skipping it this year due to the heat. My youngest looked at me with her eager eyes and said “But I have been looking forward to this for a whole year!“. And we went.

I am glad we did!

What are your Independence Day traditions?

The Fourth


Today is a day filled with parades, and good food, and fireworks. Friends and family and fun. But I also will be thinking of the healing our country needs to do. All the people out there hurting.


This is as political as you will ever see me, but I feel strongly that no matter our color, race, sexual orientation, or sex, we are all the same species, we are human, and we need to get along. Violence, aggression, and hate have never ever made anything better. Ever. (and yes, I realize that today is Independence Day- where our forefathers fought for a country of their own). So, here it is. We have a country to be who we all want to be. I want better for my kids. A world filled with love for each other, kindness, empathy, and joy.


What kind of world do you want?

Wishing you all a peaceful, love-filled holiday!

White Summer Dress







This dress. Oh it was such the labor of love. My adorable niece asked me for a dress. I sent her photos of one I made for my Falafel, and she LOVED it. No problem. I could whip one up in my sleep by now.

How WRONG I was.

Firstly, it is 90 degrees in our house right now, so I really shouldn’t be even attempting to sew at the moment. But, I want to mail it this week, so now is when it has to be done. Secondly, I only wanted to use what I had in my stash, which was a whole lot of this very thin white rib knit.

Well, I made it (with a few struggles), and I guess because of the amount of stretch in this fabric, it came out HUGE. My 9 year old and her 7 year old cousin are the same exact size, luckily, so I could make sure it was the correct fit before I sent it off.

I cut the waist a little higher, reattached the skirt portion, then cut off the rib knit bias tape off of everything, and started over by making a stiffer, thicker grey knit bias tape.

 I have learned to not give up so easily when my sewing takes a left turn, suddenly. As Olympia Dukakis said in MoonstruckIt ain’t over til it’s over“. Of course she was talking about having babies, but it totally applies to this as well. Ha!

I am glad I could fix it, and it will be sent off  to my sweet niece to enjoy!

Sharing Joy with friends

This past weekend, we got to visit with friends who just bought their first house.


It was such a lovely space, and I am so very happy for them all!


They have 4 children, and their yard is the perfect spot for them to run and play. It was like a miniature fairyland, complete with wildflowers and giant tree stump. teracestumpm

It is a perfect fit.


It was wonderful to be able to sit and visit in their new space, and to imagine all the “firsts” they will be uncovering as they get to know the house. teracepoppiesm

A great start to another chapter in their lives.

Congrats, Friends!

Tutorial over at SWB


I am part of the Sewing With Boys Summer Camp Series. Click on the image above to hop on over to check out my tutorial for Duct Tape Juice Pouch Wallets (tell me you are surprised)!


Stuff of Happiness

A while back, apparently, I made my Mom a coupon holder. I have no recollection of this, so it must have been a loooooong time ago. She said 10 years.

Anyway, she LOVES this thing so much! I really had no idea. But she sent me a photo (and then it came flooding back) and asked if I would make another.



It is pretty simple in design. The straps velcro on to the shopping cart handle.


I used quilt batting to give it some stability. There are three different sized pockets (her request) to put coupons in, her cell phone, and bandaids.


This is the back.

It took me minutes to whip this up, and it will hopefully bring her at least 10 more years of joy.

I am mailing it with my Dad’s late Father’s day gift. He requested some rice packs.

I love sewing for my folks.

On- Our- Shelves Sunday

On our shelves is a new book in a series that my girls both LOVE:


The Penderwicks in Spring

by Jeanne Birdsall

Oh my goodness. When I discovered there was a NEW Penderwicks book out, you should have heard my girls. Yes, even the teen. There was squealing and shouting and negotiating who would get to read it first. Seriously. You would have thought I told them our house was made of candy.

They have already read it (both of them) and listened to the audio book as well (together- which was a first). There really isn’t anything that warms my heart like seeing the passion for reading come out in our girls.

What books do YOUR kids squeal over?

Beach Fun with the girls

I had plans to meet a friend and her boys at a beach that is about an hour from our home, a few days ago. My friend, at the last minute could not make it, so I decided not to disappoint my crew and hauled us out there anyway. Me, three teens (The Bee had two friends along) and a tween.


And you know what? We had a blast! I cannot even tell you how many times they ran in and out of the water. I couldn’t help but laugh at them. They were having so much fun just splashing and running and well… being kids.


I am very happy I said YES when I could have easily said NO. It is too often my knee-jerk reaction to say NO.


I must have had sun stroke or something because I even took them all to Starbucks for a drink, afterward!


We are so very lucky to have such wonderful girls, and super lucky that they have lovely friends. I feel I need to celebrate that more.


*On an unrelated note, we slathered on sunscreen, I sat under the umbrella ALL DAY, and all three of us got burned. What the what, people?! I guess I should wrap us all in blankets from head to toe next time. Sheesh.

What have you said YES to lately?