On-Our-Shelves Sunday

On our shelves this week:


Geronimo Stilton

by Elisabetta Dami translated by Scholastic

First, The Bee read these and loved this series. Now Falafel is enjoying them. I love when that happens.

The Geronimo Stilton books are all funny and punny and so much fun to read.

What series are you reading?

Summer Beauty

We are still cramming in the Summer Fun. The girls go back to school very very soon. Like a few days, soon.


Before the endless rain begins, we are outside in the sunshine at the park or the beach. Enjoying all the beautiful sounds and sights of this season.


I do love the Fall, as well, but I want to savor this time before the crazy schedules and school takes over our lives.


It always feels like it isn’t enough time to dig our toes into the sand and to watch the rippling water. Really I could do that every day without growing tired of it.


We are taking one day at a time, slowly, as we prepare for the next part of our year.

Have your kids stared back to school? What are you doing to enjoy these days?

Frances Suzanne Flip: The Butterscotch Sun Day Dress

I am bringing this post home because today is VOTING DAY!!!

I am super excited to share my Flip of the Sis Boom: Ethan shirt with you!


The Butterscotch Sun Day Dress (Get it?? Butterscotch Sundae, Butterscotch Sunday, Butterscotch Sun Day)

I have been on a Rockabilly kick lately, can you tell?


I made some obvious changes. Firstly, I made it into a dress (see? obvious) out of this very lightweight yellow and brown checked shirting. It had such a lovely vintage vibe that works for this look.


The front placket snaps closed. On the pocket, I made a faux flap with white stitching and added a decorative snap, but it functions as a regular pocket that is open on the top. For the peplum-type feature, I used the pieces that were supposed to be the cuffs! I added a little piping and a few decorative snaps there, as well.


More piping under the back yoke (you can never have too much, right?). I made it short sleeved, and added a tab to each sleeve to snap up in place. I used similar tab pieces in the back. For a more fitted look, I took in the sides, slightly.


She is wearing a crinoline to add a little extra poof. Because who doesn’t need extra poof?!




We did two photo sessions, and the second, she got to go wild and let her hair down.


This pattern was so much fun to work with and clearly so versatile!


 Thanks for inviting me to be a part of this FLIP!

Now it is time to VOTE! If you liked my dress, please go here to vote for me!

Okey Dokey Overalls

I recently had the opportunity to test the Okey Dokey Overalls pattern for Peek-a-boo pattern shop.


Falafel is so in love with these that she immediately asked me to make her more!


I love Amy’s attention to detail in her patterns, and very clear well-written instructions (with photos too). The top stitching and inset pockets are some of the highlights of this pattern.


They look so professional! Of course, this is the test pair, which sewed up a little snug of Falafel, so a few changes have been made.


This girl has put in a request for new overalls for the first day of school! I think I can oblige. Luckily, these are fairly quick to sew up!

What have YOU made today??

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Link Party

::Wordless{ish} Wednesday is when I share a wordless image (or at least I try to make it wordless) with you, and now you can link up your image too! Click on the link below to show off your photo this week::


If you haven’t checked out my FLIP, then head over here to see it!

Now it is YOUR turn!

Catch me on the Scene

Today you can find me guest posting over at Sew Cool for the Tween Scene to celebrate their one year anniversary!

Sew Cool for the Tween Scene

Even though one of my girls is a Teen now, I do have another that is rapidly approaching Tween status. Check out what pattern I love to sew for them!


I’m gonna FLIP!

Not literally, of course. I haven’t done any kind of gymnastics in more than 20 years. Could you imagine? OUCH.

I am talking about this:


You can find out all about it here.

I am up against extremely talented ladies. Seriously. Check them out in this post where they announce us.

And click here to see my FLIP!

On-Our-Shelves Sunday

This week, Falafel is reading this to me:



by Sally Gardner

This book has two stories. One on one side of the book, and then you flip it over for the other! So far, she is reading The Strongest Girl in the World and loving it. It is a fast easy read, but so much fun. Basically, a girl wakes up to find she has super strength one day. Who wouldn’t love that?

What is on YOUR shelves this week?

Day at the Fair

I wasn’t kidding about cramming in as much Summer fun as we can. Yesterday, a friend of mine asked if we wanted to go to the County Fair. Falafel and I were game, while Jim and The Bee were working.


We had a blast!


Be prepared for photo overload. After all, there’s lots to see at the fair.













This wasn’t even all we saw! Add in a hypnotist, chickens, horses, bunnies, cats and dogs, archery, carnival games and food, exotic birds, plus the multitude of humans of all kinds. The camel ride was, by far, Falafel’s favorite thing, though.

That child is so stoic and unmoved, usually. That camel brought the happy, for sure!

What are you doing with the rest of your Summer?

Squeezin’ the Beachin’

OK, we are officially days away from the start of school, so let the cramming in the Summer fun begin!














We didn’t have to travel far (uh just about 5 minutes down the road) to find some sun and sand. And I always ask myself, “Why aren’t we doing this all the time?”.


Off to register my HIGH SCHOOLER in HIGH SCHOOL today. Sheesh. That is why. Life.

But we will fit in moments like these when and where we can, because they are so needed.

What are you squeaking in this week?