Coating of wet

As I look around us, I see a fine coating of wet.


Ah. It must be Autumn.


Our apple trees are almost completely done with apples.


They were so good this year!


Instead, we see these guys EVERYWHERE. We call them mosquito catchers, or Crane Flies. Lately I have been calling them pests.


Our marigolds look better now than they have all Summer. Who knew?


Our kale has finally come back since the deer munched it back, just in time for the cold.


And so enters another season.


What is Fall like in your part of the world?

Harvest Fair time of year

You may remember the Harvest Fair that we attend every year. If not, that is OK, I have the link here.


My husband gets asked to judge pies each year, and we go and watch him.


This time around he had 29 to taste! That is a lot of pie.


He takes this position very seriously.


While he was busy judging, the girls and I walked around and enjoyed the sights.


Of course, they ditched me every chance they could get. But that just gave me more time to photograph.

















It was a good day at the fair!


On-Our-Shelves Sunday

This week, I found this book at the library and had to check it out:


The Book of Perfectly Perilous Math

by Sean Connolly

Mwwhahahaha. A math book that is disguised as fun games.

Actually, I got it because Falafel loves math, and loves games. It seems like the perfect fit. I have only had time to thumb through it, and I think it looks great, so far. I can’t wait to try it out. Ahem. I mean I can’t wait for her to try it out!

What is on YOUR shelves?

Persistent Tunic Perfected

From time to time, I carve out some time to do a little selfish sewing. Usually something I need, and ALWAYS comfortable.

I have a pretty limited wardrobe. I wear things that look like jammies because, well I have realized all these years that I like to feel comfy in my clothing. I don’t like to pull or tug or adjust things too much when I move around, and I move a lot. I also have a large chest area to cover, so if it is too low or fitted, I tend to fall out. And that is definitely not the look I am going for.

My outfits consist of a tunic, yoga pants, and if it is chilly (which it almost always is) I throw a fleece sweatshirt on top and fuzzy slipper socks on my feet (yes I wear these out with shoes too). I told you… comfy.


I usually make my tunics, because not a whole lot of stores carry them, and the ones that do cost way more than I want to spend on myself. I have this one tunic that I made a while ago that I have worn out. It was time for another. Only, I didn’t make a pattern for it. Sheesh.

So I have tried a few times since then to reproduce it, and came close, but not the same.

Yesterday, I was determined to make one that I like! I went about tracing the original dress, and adding darts to the front, and then sewed it up and…it just wasn’t right.

I put it down, and walked away, and thought. What I came up with was to seam-rip the sides, and add a triangle strip of fabric to each side, along with pockets.


Yup. That did the trick!




The hardest part of sewing any outfit for myself, though, by far is taking the photos afterward. I cannot NOT be a goof.


My poor girls. They both photographed me for this one.


I used a red-linen blend fabric that I bought with this in mind, a few months back. It has taken me this long to actually cut into it!



I love this one. Red is so sassy, don’t you think?

What do you like to make for yourself?

Covering the seatbelts

We recently traded our old beat up second car for…

and even OLDER beat up (but safe) second car. Ha!

It serves it’s purpose, and will be great for our oldest to learn how to drive on.

YiKES. I can’t believe I just said that.

Anyhow, with every older car, comes seat belts that have seen the sweat of many a year. So I made these:


They couldn’t be simpler to make, really.


I measured the width of the seat belt, then cut out a rectangle the length I wanted plus extra inches on each side for folding the width. Then folded each side once and hemmed. Then added a strip of velcro. One on the top and one on the opposite side (reverse side).


You can see it when you fold the side up.


Then fold the other side on top and press them together to close.


Did you ever notice that when even simple projects are explained in detail, they seem complicated?

I assure you, this one is super simple despite my explaining!

Have you ever tried these?

What have YOU made today?

oliver+s tutorial: bringing it home

::I originally wrote this tutorial for the Oliver+s blog. Today I am bringing it home for you!::

I love the Oliver + S icecream dress, but have always wanted to make one completely lined. The biggest challenge with that was the added bulk under the armpit where the yoke connects with the gathered skirt. With just a few very simple changes, I managed to keep the one piece yoke, remove the bulk, and line the entire dress!


Grab your pattern and let’s go!

You start with tracing the size you need of the yoke piece. I traced a size 6.


Then line it up on top of the curved part of the pattern piece for the gathered skirt and extend the curve and a few inches beyond it. Repeat for the three other sides. Remember to extend the same amount on all sides.


Now cut 2 out of fabric (one outer and one lining)


I decided the back closure would have two buttons with elastic loops. So I inserted the elastic loops and clipped in place.


Now, sew around the inner circle and down the back, but stop about 4 inches from the bottom, on both sides. Also sew down the flat outer edge (sleeves).


Do not sew outer curves (sides of bodice), yet.


 Turn whole yoke right side out and press flat.


Put together the curved sides by matching front outer piece to back outer piece, and lining front to lining back. Do this on both sides to put the bodice together.


Flip to the back.


Remember when we stopped sewing 4 inches from the bottom? Well, now we are going to close it up.


This can be a little tricky. Take the outer pieces and with right sides together, sew them to close up the back.

Then do the same thing for the lining.

Now you are ready to make the skirt part. I didn’t follow the pattern for these. Instead I cut out two rectangles (one outer fabric and one slightly longer lining). I like using the entire width of the fabric so it gathers up fuller. Feel free to make yours as full (or not) as you want! Also, you can choose at this point to make your lining shorter that the outer fabric. I liked the tiered effect, though.

Sew sides to form your skirt tube, and then gather top. Attach the outer skirt (right sides together) to the outer bodice.


Repeat for the lining, although to keep the seams from showing, I connect the wrong side of the bodice lining with the right side of the skirt lining.


Hem both skirt pieces. Sew on your buttons, opposite the loops.


Admire the new version of this sweet dress.


I also decided that one wasn’t enough, and sewed up a slightly different version. I made this one with the loops, but then decided I liked them as decoration and used snaps to close it up!


So many possibilities.


All very yummy.


I made this one too!

Thanks so much for having me today! I had a lot of fun with this pattern.


Wonderful Words Wednesday: Apples became

::Trying something new today. Wonderful Words Wednesday is when I share something I find to be wonderful with you. You can link up your image too! Click on the link below to show off your wonderful photo/post this week::


These became….


This is one of the very best thing about Fall! With our homegrown apples, I make a Gluten and Egg free apple crisp (or several). Every year.


I slice up the apples, and toss them with a handful of brown sugar, a little cinnamon, and a little cornstarch in a bowl and place aside.


In our mixer, I add one stick of butter (1/2 cup), 1 cup brown sugar, and 1 cup of GF oats.


I spray a rectangle pan, then pour in the apple mixture and top with the crumb.


Bake at 350 for approx. 30 minutes.


Now it is YOUR turn! I want to hear from you, my friends.

Apples of many sizes

Our apples trees were very happy this year and produced so much fruit!

We have three different kinds. The Yellow (see how technical I am?) ones were early, so we gobbled them up already, but the Green and Red are just ripening now! And they are delicious.

Falafel came in yesterday carrying this giant apple! I had to have a little photo session with it and all it’s enormity. Cause- well, look at it!


I asked her to pick some others so we could compare them.


The one on the far left is the largest we have ever grown. The middle one is average, and the right is the smallest.


On an unrelated note, I also wanted to mention that I really love reading the kind comments I get on this online home of mine. I know I have a lovely global following. My stats told me so! I encourage all of you who are out there reading (with something nice to say) to please comment! The only way for a blogger to know their audience is to hear from them via comment.


So What is growing in YOUR part of the world?

Sunny Seeds

This time of year is filled with just as much beauty and bounty as the Summertime.


The Sunflowers are heavy and bowed down with such abundance. Falafel is eating them by the handfuls!


What is in YOUR part of the world right now?

On-Our-Shelves Sunday

On our shelves today, we are reading a book in a series:


Adventure According to Humphrey

by Betty G. Birney

Our Falafel loves animal books. And this one is written from the perspective of a hamster. The stories are actually quite fun and interesting. I love them too!

What are YOU reading today?