Sharing the sale

We have been without power the last day or so. I am so thankful it came on just in time to share this with you…

 Blank Slate Patterns is having a Black Friday Sale November 27th until the 30th!


I am a huge fan of Blank Slate patterns, and this year, I not only became an affiliate, I am on the Blank Slate Pattern Team!


The clean slate pants are one of my favorite go-to patterns.


As you can see.


And I have recently discovered the Bookworm Button-up!


And I lined this one to make it even cozier.


Any pattern you get, I am confident it would be one that is thorough with great details. I always learn some new technique or new skill from these patterns.


*All my links on this post are affiliate links. If you order through my special link, I get a little something too.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Cold Broccoli


It has been C.O.L.D here and we really haven’t been outside too much. But when I took my camera out the other day, I found this sad little broccoli plant that we never knew produced anything. Now I guess it is too late since it has gone to flower.


We are feeling a shift in the air. It seems like we went from Summer straight into Winter this year.  Although I do see the evidence of Fall on the ground. It must have been. Sometimes if it wasn’t for the photo documentation of the passage of time on this blog, I wouldn’t remember it actually happened.

What is the weather like where you are?

Doll spa robe

Our niece has made her first Christmas gift request of her sewing Auntie. Robes for her dolls!


 She has many different sized dolls, so I was cheering when I found this awesome FREE pattern (over at It’s always Autumn) for a stuffed animal robe. Very simple pattern that is easily altered to fit any length I need.


In fact, I sewed up a test robe for Falafel’s AG 18 inch doll.


Cause really, what doll wouldn’t enjoy a spa treatment after a long day of playing?!


What is on your holiday sewing list?

On-Our-Shelves Sunday

There is a new book in an older series out and I am super excited about it!


Zen Socks

by Jon Muth

*affiliate link*

It is a well-know fact around here that I am in love with the Zen books, by Jon Muth.  It began with Zen Shorts (affiliate link). Stillwater the panda always has such wonderful stories to share and always manages to teach us a little something. Life lessons. He has helped me find calm at times in my life and I love sharing these with my girls.

In this new one, there is a story demonstrating the importance of patience, and two other lessons learned by the kids in the book. The same beautiful illustrations are in this one as are in the other “Zen” stories.

In my opinion, you are never too old for Stillwater…or to learn.

What is on your shelves today?

Taking my camera outside on newsletter day

I haven’t taken my camera out just for fun in quite some time now, due to being so busy with other things, plus the constant rain hasn’t helped.


Today was sunny at times, and cold. So I took this break in storms to get out in our yard and look through my lens.


What I found was a whole lot of puddles and mushrooms. Not really surprising.







What is outside YOUR home?

Oh- and it is newsletter day! Check your inboxes for the latest and greatest from Falafel and the Bee. And please don’t blame me for any unintentional ear-worms, kay?

Bookworm Button Up, but Warmer

Remember the Bookworm Button Up I made for my youngest? Well, I sewed up another, only this time I made it in super soft, thick, flannel and lined it in fleece!


Talk about cozy!! She hasn’t wanted to take it off. It has gotten quite cold here, suddenly, and all we feel like wearing is fleece and flannel which is great because that is all I feel like sewing!


It was much like a puzzle figuring out how to line it with fleece, while keeping all the seams neat and enclosed. Not too difficult though, once I figured it out.


She has been wearing it with her thumb through the hole above the cuff. It’s like a built in fingerless glove.


This pattern is easy to follow and easy to customize!


I added a little lace to the back to fancy it up a bit.


I tried my best to pattern match, but this flannel made my eyes cross. Sometimes, I find I just need to not make myself crazy. In the end, she will love it anyway. I mean, what’s not to love about cozy fabric, right?


We’ve already lost power twice, this season, so our wood stove is getting a workout. Carrying in firewood is her favorite. Having a warm shirt to do it in…even better!

What have YOU made today?

Abilene Skirt on Tour

If you are stopping here from the Momma Quail Patterns Tour, then- Welcome! If you are a regular round these parts, then Welcome back!


I had the pleasure of sewing up this cute little skirt for my girl. You may recognize that fabric from this project and this one.


Pattern Details: There are two vents (kickpleats) on the back, that I had never done before sewing this up. There are belt loops (I made the simple tie belt myself), different panels, a flat front waist with elastic in the back. There is an option for a working zip fly, but my girl likes the ease of the faux fly. I think the pockets are her favorite part.


We couldn’t decide whether the practical boots or the impractical dress shoes look better, so we photographed both.


I love all the tiny details and flexibility with this one. Definitely a lot of options!


I also cannot get enough of this color combination! Can you tell?

You can purchase your very own copy of this pattern from Momma Quail Etsy Shop. Use the coupon code “MQPATTERNTOUR” for 30% off through 11/21/15. This is going to be the biggest Momma  Quail Pattern sale in November – don’t wait til Black Friday!

You can also enter to win in the Rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Alpine Wonderland Wolf-Squirrel

My Falafel needed a winter coat and I needed to sew one for her because she wanted it to look like a squirrel (like the fox coat she had 2 years ago that she finally grew out of). Instead of using the same pattern out of fleece, again, I wanted it to be warmer and have a little more structure. So I pulled up all of the Peek-a-Boo pattern coats (there are quite a few) and she picked this one out:


The Alpine Wonderland Puffy Coat


I made a few changes. Firstly, I added fur to the sleeves. The pattern actually calls for the fur around the hood (which is so cool), but I added the ears. The other thing I did was add two panels in the front to extend it. She was on the border of size 7 and 8, and I chose a 7, but it was too fitted to wear heavy sweatshirts under (which she wears regularly this time of year), so I decided to just insert two panels to make more room. If I were to sew it up again, I would just go with the larger size.


I also gave her a tail. She originally wanted a squirrel, but my husband and I think it looks like a wolf or a coyote. It makes her happy, so that is really all that matters, I suppose.


I decided to quilt a zigzag pattern to mimic fur without having to make it furry!


The outer fabric is a gray bottom weight and it is lined with dark gray fleece. My girl picked those buttons out of my stash. At first I wasn’t sure they would go, but I really love them.


As you can see, she agrees.


I like that this coat is an animal without being too “little girl” for my almost 10 year old.


As with all Peek-a-Boo patterns, this one is easy to follow with clear illustrations.


And it was easily customized! The ears inserted right into the panels that were already part of the pattern.


The thickness of the fur combined with the outer fabric and the fleece lining was a little tough to sew through, but I did it slowly and carefully.


The weather has turned here, and all I can think about sewing is fleece and flannel and fur. Which is a good thing, really, because that is all that my girl wants to wear.




Now I have one happy, warm, and very cute little wolf squirrel.

::I did receive this pattern for free, but as always, my opinions are MINE MINE MINE::

*all links are affiliate links which means if you buy something using one of them, I get a little money from it*

On-Our-Shelves Sunday

In light of recent global events, not only France but all of the increased violence lately, my girl chose a little humor from our local library book sale. I think we need a smile where we can get it:


Politically Correct bedtime Stories

by James Finn Garner

It gave her a chuckle, and when our hearts are heavy, humor lightens the load.

I wish you all a peaceful, loving, and humorous Sunday.

6 Degrees of Separation Blog Tour with Sew the Show

Do you know that game “6 degrees of Separation” and how everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from Kevin Bacon? I bet you have!

AND have you heard of Sew the Show?

Well, it is not a costume series, but it “IS a chance to re-watch your favorite shows, enthuse about them with a couple hundred of your closest friends, and honor the talents of each costume department with nods big & small to their unique, iconic styles.” Basically, you sew along with the show of the month, by creating an inspired look (not a direct copy- unless you want to, of course). This month the show is Firefly and anyone can join in!

Well, now those two things are colliding next month and I am going to be on the tour!


Can you find my little head in there?

I cannot say what movie I am sewing,yet. You will have to follow the trail until my degree of separation is up. The fun begins December 7th, so be sure to “tune in”!